Who am I?

I’m Rob Stuart, a 60-year-young coach/counsellor/therapist from English, based in Utrecht since 1980. I love working in my cosy private practice near Utrecht city centre with English-speaking expatriates from all parts of the world. Since 2012, when I completing four years of professional training in Integrative Adult Therapy and Integrative Relationship Therapy at the Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie in Amsterdam, I have accumulated vast and varied experience guiding expat clients towards greater insight into and harmony with themselves and others, and greater success and happiness in work, life and love.

In the past few years, this work has increasingly focused on how to meet the special challenges of interacting with the Dutch in the workplace and society, and on how to love yourself and care for yourself unconditionally. One of my greatest role models is the late Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg, a psychologist and renowned mediator who founded Non-Violent Communication (or Compassionate Communication) and taught it in numerous countries. NVC and therapy have been hugely transformational for me, so why not for you too?

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How do we work together?

When you first contact me by phone (+31640475088) through info@ExpatCare4U.nl or the contact form, the first step is to define the core problem that is troubling you and what exactly you want to change for the better. Please use your private, not work, email address, as our correspondence is confidential. Without delay, I will email you an intake form, and perhaps one or more preliminary diagnostic questionnaires, which you should complete as thoroughly as possible and return to info@ExpatCare4U.nl.

In addition to your contact info, what’s most important is your description of the history and nature of your problem(s) and your personal goal(s): what exactly you want to achieve through coaching, counselling and/or therapy. We will then arrange a daytime or evening intake session at your earliest convenience. The purpose of the intake session is to establish a ‘click’ and a working alliance, to clarify exactly what the core problem is (and if there’s more than one, to prioritise), to formulate your personal goals and to broadly map out a course of coaching/counselling/therapy. Then the essential work can begin. We plan follow-on sessions according to the urgency of your needs and the severity of your problem(s). We evaluate your progress regularly and adjust your goal(s) if necessary. The integrative approach to coaching, counselling and therapy is focused and effective, so most clients need only 3 to 6 sessions to make a breakthrough.